About Karim

I haven’t sailed the seven seas nor have I been to the moon.
But I have created a lot of photographs for myself and others on many cool locations.
And I made it my life’s goal to be as creative as possible towards everything I endeavour.

Dropped anywhere without photography, film, music and my dog I’d go insane.
Storytelling, creative thinking, and visualising make my heart beat faster, a lot faster.

As a creative entrepreneur I am grateful to do a job that I love.



“In commercial photography there is no such thing as a lucky shot”


The Vision


There is an intense creative process before the final shot is taken.
With my vision “ Imagine | Create | Capture™ ” i try to break it down into these three steps.

First I try to put a client’s vision and goals into a photographic idea.
An imaginary shot and scene through creative thinking.

This is the point where all ideas will be put together.
From location scouting until the props and equipment needed to make the shot.

The last step in the process, capturing the final shot.